Sell a Yacht

Since Olympic Marine was established in 2000, we have developed a trusted global yachting network. With our attention to detail and up-to-date market research, we can offer you a professional and efficient yacht brokerage experience.

Our expertise, our passion and our professional attitude will support and guide you throughout the entire selling process. We ensure an exceptional tailor-made service while taking care of all the details from beginning to end. Our wide range of international employees provides us with an extensive network, which allows us to market your yacht to the correct audience. As a boutique yachting firm, we take pride in every customer and take personal charge of the yachts under our control.

Negotiating on behalf of our client is our commitment. While taking care of all the administrative and legal aspects. Evaluating the current value of a yacht is our expertise along with protecting our client’s interests right up to the delivery and after sales service.

Communication and marketing are services which we feel proud of, asthey are an important resource in the sales process. Making sure that themarket is aware that your yacht is available is paramount. With our extensive resources and industry network, we will ensure that your yacht is marketed correctly to warrant a timely sale.

We understand that a yacht can be one of your most highly regarded possessions, you might have even spent 5 years just waiting just to step onboard it… Meticulously planning every detail to be just right… We take the same approach to details when selling a yacht and will make sure that your ethos of the yacht is looked after and honoured by a new potential owner.

Each of our brokers have a great understanding of yachts; from technicalities to production, to hands on experience working onboard to countless years of experience selling superyachts. This range of background enables us to provide your yacht with a thorough evaluation before proposing a market value asking price.

There are many variables to consider when buying or selling your yacht.

Price per ton and/or meter.
The resale value of the yacht.
The pedigree of the yacht.
Annual running cost and maintenance.
Practicality of the yacht and its performance.
Does it stand out or not?
Does it draw too much attention?

Olympic Marine understands there are a multitude of reasons for selling/buying a yacht and
we will always tailor our approach according to each individual client.