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Our experience, our passion and our professional attitude will support and guide you throughout the entire purchasing process. We ensure an exceptional tailor-made service while taking care of all the details from beginning to end. Our wide range of international employees provides us with an extensive network, which allows us to market your dream yacht.

As a boutique yachting firm, we take pride in every customer and take personal charge of the yachts purchase under our control.

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Which better way to explore the most beautiful destinations in the world if not with a luxury yacht charter?

At Olympic Marine we take pride in going the extra mile to make sure your trip is unforgettable. We specialize in taking care of every single step of your experience to ensure you the best time on and off the water.
Our Team of expert brokers will assist you throughout the entire process, consulting you on the best yacht and locations along with handling all the administrative aspects.

All you have to do is layback, enjoy your time and let us take care of your dream charter!

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FREEDOM Buy a Riva boat

Since its foundation in 1842, Riva has been at the forefront of the marine industry, constantly pushing the boundaries of design and engineering.

Each Riva boat embodies the essence of Italian style, combining traditional craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology to create sailing works of art.

Explore our selection of Riva boats and let yourself be seduced by the timeless elegance and exceptional craftsmanship that have made this brand a legend in the world of yachting.



Experience and explore charter destinations from all around the world. The Olympic Marine team would be more than happy to help tailorize your personal dream vacation to unique locations around the globe.


Discover detailed sample itineraries throughout many different regions including animated route maps, activities, highlights and places to discover.
Explore a selection of yachts available to charter within each area. The possibilities are endless.

authentic Builders

Olympic Marine keeps a close relationship with the world’s first-class shipyards in Italy, Germany and the Netherlands.

From your yacht’s design to its inauguration, Olympic Marine will oversee every step of the process to make sure every aspect of the vessel is to your exact specification.

Superyachts & Luxury Yachts 

trust professionals Yacht Management

At Olympic Marine, we understand that searching and finding the suitable candidate to work on board your yacht requires a certain number of stages, which is why our experienced and passionate team is here to support you in every level of the recruitment process. We will make sure that any candidate hired will meet your expectations.

From recruitment to registration, Olympic Marine will take care of every step required to make sure the perfect crew member is chosen to work on board your yacht.

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My family and I truly had a spectacular time on our recent trip around the coastline of France and Italy. The team did a phenomenal job organizing the trip and provided us with the best crew and excursions to keep the whole family busy. We are already looking forward to our next trip!